Thru-Hike Armenia

An overview of 819km of hiking on the Armenian national stage of the Transcaucasian Trail

Newly updated for 2024, this overview will give you a sense of the Armenian national stage of the Transcaucasian Trail, which takes you on an 819km adventure through the most spectacular and varied terrain the country has to offer. Here you’ll find a high-level description of the route, links to downloadable GPS data, and some of the key information to help you assess whether thru-hiking the trail is the right challenge for you. 

TCT Armenia 2024 Map

So you want to thru-hike Armenia? We’re so glad you’re here. After all, we designed this route hoping that people would use it! We think this route – the result of hundreds of days of bushwhacking, thousands of kilometers of surveying, and literally millions of new data points on the map – represents the very best of the unique cultural and natural landscapes the country has to offer, and constitutes a true world-class hiking experience. 

At this stage, a few parts of the route are still off-trail and will require independent route-finding. The weather and terrain conditions in the Caucasus can be harsh. While we are actively working to improve trail infrastructure across the region, visitors accustomed to the well-groomed trails of North America and Europe may find a slightly different understanding of what constitutes a “trail.” Hikers must be prepared to be self-sufficient for extended sections and aware that emergency medical care and search and rescue may often be unavailable.

Having said all of that, hikers who come prepared for self-sufficiency, diverse terrain, and off-trail travel will be rewarded with an incredible experience traversing one of the most culturally, linguistically, and geographically diverse parts of the world.

Become one of the first thru-hikers on the full Transcaucasian Trail route through Armenia & Georgia

Got more questions? Excited about the route and want advice during your planning process? We’re seeking intrepid, experienced hikers to be some of the earliest thru-hikers on the brand-new 1,500km North-South Transcaucasian Trail route through Armenia and Georgia. In 2023, we’ll be running the second year of the TCT Trailblazers, a new hiker membership program to support them in the planning process.

You’ll have the privilege of being one of the first hikers on this new long-distance trail, and you’ll have the opportunity to help shape its future along the way.

Important Disclaimer

The TCTA strives to provide accurate, current information as to trail conditions and the trail route.  However, actual trail conditions may be different, and such information may not be accurate or complete. Trail users are urged to consider all the information available from other sources and to heed local advice when available.  Trail users are ultimately responsible for all decisions as to the trail routes, trail conditions, weather, and safety.

In addition to the hazards posed by steep terrain and mountain weather, hikers should be prepared for difficult route-finding and challenging trail conditions, the possibility of washed-out bridges and dangerous river crossings in high water, aggressive dogs guarding sheep and cattle, giant hogweed, and frequent summer thunderstorms with extremely intensive periods of lightning. Access to emergency medical care and search and rescue is not always available.


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New for 2024, the FarOut app includes the most up-to-date route data, interactive maps, and waypoint comments. A portion of proceeds support the TCTA.

Printed Resources

Browse & buy official topo maps & guidebooks for sections of the Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia from our partners at

Partners & Donors

This national stage of the Transcaucasian Trail was developed between 2016–2022 by the TCT Armenia NGO with the support and cooperation of many partners and donors, most notably the UK’s Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Land Rover, Caucasus Nature Fund, HIKEArmenia, Trails For Change, and People In Need Armenia (in partnership with ARK Armenia and with funding from the European Union), as well as many individual donors to the Transcaucasian Trail Association. Click the logos below to find out more.

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