Packing List

The TCT covers a huge range of ecosystems and terrain types, so thoughtfully considering the conditions you’ll encounter is a must.

Layering is key for higher altitudes and unpredictable weather patterns. Good footwear is a must, especially for sections that might be muddy or require stream crossings. Always carry rain gear, sun protection, and a basic first-aid kit.

What you carry depends where, when, and how far you plan to go on the TCT. Make sure to read the trail notes for the specific section(s) you plan to hike, and be familiar with the 10 Essentials that you should always bring with you, regardless of how far you plan to be on the trail.

Download a PDF of the packing list.


Day Hike

☐ Appropriate clothing and layers

☐ Basic first aid and emergency kit

☐ Flashlight/headlamp (with extra batteries/charger)

☐ GPX of your route and topographic map (downloaded for offline use)

☐ Insect repellant (optional)

☐ Mobile phone

☐ Personal medications

☐ Power bank

☐ Rain coat



☐ Snacks

☐ Sturdy shoes

☐ Sunglasses and hat

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Trash bag

☐ Trekking poles (optional)

☐ Watch (optional)

☐ Water bottle/hydration pack

Multi-day & Thru-hikes

In addition to the items above, carry the following items with you:

Shelter & Sleep set up*

☐ Pillow (optional)

☐ Sleeping bag or quilt (appropriately rated for the temperatures you expect to encounter)

☐ Sleeping pad (appropriately rated for the temperatures you expect to encounter. Sleeping pads play a big role in keeping you warm by insulating you from the cold ground.)

☐ Tent, tarp, or bivy


Cooking & Fire*

☐ Camp stove and gas

☐ Cooking/eating utensils

☐ Fire starters

☐ Lighter

☐ Matches

☐ Pot/pan



☐ Biodegradable soap

☐ Hand sanitizer

☐ Heavy-duty garbage bag

☐ Leak-proof plastic bags

☐ Toilet paper

☐ Towel

☐ Trowel for digging catholes


☐ Advanced First Aid/Emergency Kit

☐ Gear repair kit

☐ Sharp knife

☐ String/rope



☐ Camp shoes (optional)

☐ Extra socks

☐ Gloves

☐ Hiking shoes/boots

☐ Hiking pants/shorts

☐ Hiking shirt (long sleeves recommended for sun and environmental protection)

☐ Midlayer jacket (down, fleece, or similar)

☐ Rain coat and pants

☐ Spare set of clothes to sleep in (optional)

☐ Sunglasses

☐ Sun hat

☐ Swimsuit (optional)

☐ Warm hat or buff


*You may be able to stay in guesthouses along some sections of the TCT, in which case, carrying camping and cooking supplies is unnecessary. Refer to the trail notes for the specific section(s) you plan to hike to determine which accommodation options are available.