First Aid/Emergency Kit Supply List

The following are suggested items to include in your first aid kit. We HIGHLY recommend carrying everything listed in the basic kits below, with the additional items if you plan to hike in remote areas. Emergency services in the Caucasus are neither fast nor super reliable, especially in remote regions, so you need to be prepared to manage emergencies on your own.

Download a PDF of the first aid checklist.


Basic Emergency

☐ emergency blanket

☐ headlamp

☐ personal locator beacon (PLB)/satellite communicator

☐ whistle


Basic Care/First Aid

☐ antiseptic towelettes

☐ antibiotic ointment packets

☐ blister treatment (moleskin dressings)

☐ fabric bandages of various shapes and sizes

☐ 3×4 sterile gauze pads

☐ 4×4 sterile gauze pads

☐ hydrocortisone ointment packets

☐ 1”-wide medical tape

☐ pain relief medication

☐ safety pins

☐ sunscreen

☐ hand sanitizer

☐ tincture of benzoin swabs

☐ tweezers



☐ 4–6 inch elastic wrap

☐ 3-inch conforming roll gauze

☐ self-adhering bandage (e.g. CobanⓇ Wrap)

☐ stiff material for splints (e.g. SAMⓇ splint / trekking pole)

☐ transparent film dressings

☐ triangular bandages

☐ wound closure strips


☐ aloe vera gel

☐ antacids

☐ anti-diarrhea medication (like Imodium)

☐ antihistamines

☐ aspirin

☐ electrolyte powder

☐ glucose/ sugar

☐ laxatives

☐ oral rehydration salts

☐ personal prescription medications

☐ povidone-iodine solution



☐ duct tape

☐ first aid guide/instruction booklet

☐ gloves

☐ 12cc irrigation syringe

☐ pencil & paper

☐ oral thermometer

☐ rescue/CPR mask

☐ sterile scrub brush

☐ needle and thread

☐ trauma shears