2024 fundraising trek in Guba and Gusar, Azerbaijan

Ten-day itinerary, June 20 – 29 2024
Contribution: $2,950 per person

Join the Transcaucasian Trail team for a trek across the Guba and Gusar regions of Azerbaijan.

This summer, we are excited to host our fundraising trek in Azerbaijan. Join us for an exploration of the Greater Caucasus mountains of northern Azerbaijan – a diverse and rapidly changing region, full of fascinating villages, spectacular landscapes, and historical sites. Along the way we’ll indulge in delicious and fresh local cuisine, meet locals from a diverse range of Caucasian ethnolinguistic backgrounds, and have an absolutely unforgettable adventure on a beautiful route through the eastern Greater Caucasus.

From the cosmopolitan seaside city of Baku, we will make our way to the highest villages in Azerbaijan, experiencing an unparalleled combination of nature and culture along the trek.   

These tours will be led by members of the TCT team in Azerbaijan. We will stay in local guest houses and see up close the work of the TCT and why it is important. All proceeds from the tours will go to support our work on the trail in Azerbaijan.

Keep reading for more details. For enquiries and bookings contact [email protected]

Itinerary Overview

2024 dates:

June 20 – 29

Day 1 – Baku to Guba

Day 2 – Sohub to Budug

Day 3 – Budug to Zeyid to Grizdahna

Day 4 – Grizdahna to Griz

Day 5 – Griz to Khinalig

Day 6 – Khinalig to Laza

Day 7 – Full rest day in Laza

Day 8 – Laza to Kuzun to Yergi Kek

Day 9 – Yergi Kek to Takar to Gukhur

Day 10 – Gusar to Baku


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Help us put hiking on the map in Azerbaijan.

Over the past 3 years, we have worked with local guides and volunteers to map the historical trails forming the first sections of the TCT across Azerbaijan. Now, we are excited to share them with you.

Our 10-day itinerary will take us to some of the most isolated, breathtaking villages of the Guba and Gusar regions of northern Azerbaijan. We’ll visit some of the highest-elevation villages of the country, including Yergi Kek and the famous Khinalig, and many villages of less than a hundred residents – where elevation and isolation only contribute to the deep-running hospitality and fascinating history of the Caucasus.

We’ll trek along the edges of deep canyons, through colorful wildflower fields, and over mountaintops offering spectacular panoramic views. And to make this trek even more special, we’ve also incorporated some of our favorite side trips along the Guba-Gusar TCT route.

Along the way, we’ll run into pirs (holy sites) and mosques, old fortresses, nomadic graveyards, and shepherd settlements. This region and its inhabitants hold a fascinating history, shaped by migrations, religions, and numerous empires and khanates– and best learned while hiking and while feasting on fresh plovs, kebabs, and dolmas. On this trek, you’ll have the rare opportunity to learn some of these local stories while traversing the landscapes where they took place.

As with all of our fundraising treks, 100% of the profits go back into our work in the local area, helping ensure the future of this world-class long distance trail.

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Explore Azerbaijan’s fascinating mountain cultures.

Get ready to discover all that Guba and Gusar have to offer while you travel by foot from village to village.  

Our itinerary is very active. We’ll be hiking almost every day, and a few of the days are long. But you’ll have a delicious home-cooked meal and a cozy bed (in some cases comfy homemade wool-stuffed mattress placed on the floor) at the end of each day. We will be staying in family-run guesthouses and in the family houses (since some remote villages don’t have separate Guesthouses yet) in the mountains, and we’ll have luggage deliveries every 2 days, so we don’t have to carry all our stuff.  Read the itinerary below for more information about distances and elevation gain. If you are wondering about the difficulty of the hikes or the fitness level required, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Here are the details:

Day 1 – Baku to Guba

The first day, we’ll make the trip from Baku to the northern district center of Guba. We’ll spend some time checking out the town of Guba, with a chance to visit parks, museums, and the bazaar, as time and will permits. We’ll stay the night in a nice local hotel and enjoy a dinner to kick off the trek.

Day 2 – Sohub to Budug (7.3 km, +517/-512)

The second day, we will have a 4×4 drive to the Guba’s small village of Sohub, from which we climb up to the old fortress ruins overlooking the landscape and having an outdoor lunch. After going down to the green valley with cows and sheeps we are crossing the river barefoot (about 30-50sm deep, 4-7m wide). Then we’ll continue up into Budug, an ancient village hosting its own ethnolinguistic group. We’ll have dinner and spend the night in a local’s guest-home.

Day 3 – Budug to Zeyid to Grizdahna (19.5 km, +760m/-1,238m)

On the morning we are heading to another small historic village of Zeyid. How can we not stop here at the local house for tea!? We’ll spend the rest part day making our way (of course with a nice lunch break) to Grizdahna, a beautiful village at the foot of the Gudyalchay river canyon. There will be a nice dinner in local restaurant and spending the night in a local villa.

Day 4 – Grizdahna to Griz (9.3 km, +851m/-146m)

From Grizdahna, we will climb up to the village of Griz. This ancient trail named “Eh Route” was partly maintained by our Trail Crews recently. A steep ascent will get our heart rates up but reward us with spectacular canyon views at the top. Once in Griz, we’ll have time to see the ancient relics of this village’s fascinating history, and meet some of the locals, who make up their own ethnolinguistic group. We’ll spend the night in Griz at a local’s guest-home.

Day 5 – Griz to Khinalig (18km, +833m/-653m)

From Griz, we’ll hike through the cool, caved Gurgur waterfall to reach the village of Galaykhudat. Viewpoints with Vultures hovering below are for sure on this route! After lunch in Galaykhudat, we’ll continue into the famous, ancient village of Khinalig, where we’ll have dinner and overnight stay in local’s guest-home.

Day 6 – Khinalig to Laza (11.2 km, +291m/-1194m)

From Khinalig, we will be taken by local 4×4 cars up to the mountain pass. We will have a leisurely hike to the Gusar district’s village of Laza. Get ready for plenty of sheeps and green landscapes overlooking the highest and remote summer pasture area in Azerbaijan. In Laza we have dinner at a local restaurant, and spend the night at a nice local resort.

Day 7 – Rest day in Laza

This day is considered to be as our well deserved rest day in picturesque village with it’s beautiful mountain views, hospitable people and delicious food. Day plan is flexible here including visit to another waterfall, short walks in and around village for different views, conversations with locals, and just resting the day.

Day 8 – Laza to Kuzun to Yergi Kek (13.8km, +1,354m/-803m)

We’ll depart Laza for a green hike over to Kuzun, witnessing cliff waterfalls along the way. We’ll have lunch at a stop by the village of Kuzun. Following is an ascent to Azerbaijan’s highest-elevation village, Yergi Kek. In Yergi Kek, we’ll enjoy a Lezgi dinner and stay at a local’s guest-house. 

Day 9 – Yergi Kek to Takar to Gukhur (13.6km, +318m/-1,042m)

We’ll depart Yergi Kek early morning and head to Takar, another small village very small population. After a tea break here we descend (with passing through Sudur village) into Gukhur village, a small, ancient, nearly abandoned village with fascinating ruins. After tastefull lunch here we’ll then take a car ride to the district center of Gusar for a hotel stay. 

Day 10 – Gusar to Baku

We’ll depart the district of Gusar, and make our way down to Baku. Along the way, we’ll stop to visit Besh Barmag Mountain, the future eastern terminus of the TCT. Besh Barmag lies right at the eastern foot of the Greater Caucasus range, with views over far-stretching plains and the vast Caspian Sea. This is a sacred spot, and visitors may make a wish to the mountain, with the promise of returning once the wish comes true! Once in Baku, everyone will have time to settle back in at their hotels of choice, and we’ll reconvene for a final dinner in the city.


Deadline for the registration is May 31, 2024. However, due to limited participants number the registration may be closed even before the deadline.

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Fee for participation:
$2,950 USD per person

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