Hiking in Dilijan National Park

This guide will help you plan a multi-day hiking journey among the forests, mountains & monasteries of Dilijan National Park, on an 85km section of the Transcaucasian Trail. You can also hike parts of the trail in individual stages. Scroll down for interactive maps, background info and detailed trail guides, plus links to smartphone apps to help navigate the route.


The northeastern Armenian province of Tavush is home to some of the largest forested areas in the country. This 85km section of the Transcaucasian Trail will take you on a journey through the very best the region has to offer, focused around the spa town of Dilijan and the surrounding mountains of Dilijan National Park.

As well as taking in the stunning limestone escarpments and broadleaf forests of the region, your hike will also pass close to some of the most iconic historical sites in the traditional Armenian Highlands, including the early Christian monasteries of Haghartsin and Goshavank, which date back to the 10th century, as well as several lesser-known natural and cultural sites.

Self-sufficient hikers will find plentiful wild-camping opportunities along the route, giving you the ability to modify the itinerary to suit your preferred schedule and level of challenge. For those wishing to spend their nights indoors, guesthouse accommodation is available at all but one of the suggested overnight stops (Haghartsin Monastery). However, the monastery is within easy reach by taxi of guesthouses in Dilijan.

The trail is marked and can be hiked in either direction, although the guide will describe the route beginning at the village of Khachardzan and ending in Hovk.


TCT Dilijan National Park

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