The Transcaucasian Trail is supported primarily by individual donors who believe in our mission to improve access to the region’s diverse cultural and natural heritage, encourage its preservation, and benefit local communities and trail users through the development of sustainable tourism.

When you become an official member of the TCTA, you will be invited to participate in members-only events, mapping excursions, hikes, weekend trail workshops, and volunteering opportunities in the Caucasus and elsewhere. Through our member’s newsletter, you will also have early access to the GPS tracks, route descriptions, and other hiking beta we have collected before we include it in our guides.

Standard Membership (Monthly)

Support the TCT on a continuous basis with a $10.00 monthly recurring donation.

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Standard Membership (Annual)

Support the TCT with a one-off $100 donation for a full year’s membership.

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Adopt-a-kilometer (5 years)


Sponsor one full kilometer of trail with a $1000 one-off donation.

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Or make a one-off donation of your choice via Paypal:

You can also donate via check, payable to:

The Transcaucasian Trail Association
4200 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

How will my donation help the Transcaucasian Trail?

By donating to the TCTA, you are supporting the immense undertaking of planning and building the Transcaucasian Trail network and so much more. Our work helps people who live along the trail increase their livelihoods through the development of sustainable tourism. We work to ensure the conservation of the incredible cultural and natural landscapes of the region. And we foster understanding, dialogue, and leadership among the young people of the region as they volunteer with us to build the trail, working together, in these incredible mountains that they all share.

What’s included with membership?

Benefits of a $100 annual membership (or a $10 monthly recurring donation) include a subscription to the members’ newsletter and invitations to special TCT events, hikes, and volunteer opportunities, plus your very own Transcaucasian Trail tote bag.

The “adopt-a-kilometer” $1000 contribution will pay for the construction and 5 years of maintenance of a kilometer of trail. You will receive all the benefits of membership, plus a certificate of appreciation for you or a designated individual and a listing on the “Adopt-a-Kilometer” section of our website. Your adopted kilometer will also be recorded on our virtual map of adopted kilometers, and your name will appear in the thank you section of our trail notes.