Meet the Team: Meri Grigoryan

CCC and YFC Project Coordinator, TCT Armenia; Monitoring and Evaluation Lead, Trails for Change



Meri joined the TCT team in 2022, after developing a trail section that would become part of the TCT. In her previous role at People in Need, a Czech organization with a strong presence in Armenia, she developed the Legends Trail, a 150 km hike through southern Armenia. Through this project, Meri met Ashot, who invited her to join Trails For Change, and Meri officially joined the TCT soon afterwards.

Meri loves learning about trails and outdoor education, and she enjoys working with enthusiastic young people who want to bring positive change to the world. When she’s not on the trail, she enjoys playing  musical instruments. She can play four of them pretty well, and at one time, she even wanted to become a professional musician!

In Meri’s Words:

Why did you want to join the TCT? 

I enjoyed managing the Legends Trails projects, and when that specific project was complete, People in Need shifted its focus to emergency relief. I wanted to continue working in development projects, so I was excited to receive Ashot’s offer to join the team. 

Favorite part/section of the TCT:

I hold a special connection to the Legends Trail in Syunik, Armenia, because it’s where I first got involved with the trail community by contributing to its creation.

Favorite place in the Caucasus:

My favorite place in the Caucasus is Dilijan National Park because of its stunning natural beauty. One of my favorite attractions in Armenia is Haghartsin Monastery, which is in Dilijan National Park.

Memorable Moment:

One moment I remember fondly is when I had spent countless hours working to develop the Legends Trail, and then finally had the opportunity to hike it. The sense of accomplishment I felt during that hike was truly rewarding.

Another moment occurred during the 2023 TCT Summit in November 2023, when I managed to hike 14 kilometers with two dogs following me. This was especially significant because I’m terrified of dogs. Overcoming that fear and successfully completing the hike was a remarkable personal achievement!

Most special part of the TCT:

What’s most special to me about the TCT is the team I get to work with. I’m very proud of each and every person on the team. 

Why should people hike or get involved with the TCT?

The Caucasus is known for its spectacular and varied terrain. By hiking on the TCT, hikers will have an unforgettable experience and create long-lasting memories.