Organisational Structure

The Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCTA) is a non-profit corporation registered in Washington, D.C.

The TCTA supports two locally registered NGOs, the Transcaucasian Trail NGO of Georgia and the Transcaucasian Trail Tourism Support NGO of Armenia, that are coordinating the development of the trail in Georgia and Armenia respectively. Tom Allen and Paul Stephens, co-founders of the TCT, currently serve as the managing directors of these local organizations.

In addition to financial support, the TCTA is building the capacity of these local organizations to carry out the mission and goals of the TCTA to develop and maintain the trail infrastructure. In the future, these organizations will become increasingly independent in managing the trail network in each country, working at the local and regional level, and encouraging increasing the local ownership over the project. As these organizations grow, the TCTA will continue to provide financial support and work to coordinate activities between the local NGOs, helping to ensure unity and consistency in the trail network and the experience for hikers.