Hiking Upper Svaneti


This trail takes hikers from Chuberi, in the Neskra Valley, east to Ushguli, the highest village in Svaneti. The trail crosses five major passes. The landscape changes quickly along the way, from deep forested valleys and rushing rivers, to high alpine meadows overlooking the jagged peaks and glaciers of the Greater Caucasus. Because of the altitude of the passes and the high levels of precipitation in the Western Caucasus, this trail does not become completely snow-free until July. Click on the trail sections in the menu to the right for maps and descriptions of each section.

Wondering how to make use of the KMZ file available for download? The easiest way is to download the app maps.me on your smartphone. Then download the KMZ and open it as a bookmark in the in maps.me. The trail will appear as a highlighted route over the trails marked on OpenStreetMap, the open-source map that the app draws information from. 

Disclaimer: The TCTA strives to provide accurate, current information as to trail conditions and the trail route.  However, actual trail conditions may be different, and such information may not be accurate or complete.  Trail users are urged to consider all the information available from other sources and to heed local advice when available.  Trail users are ultimately responsible for all decisions as to the trail routes, trail conditions, weather, and safety. In addition to the hazards posed by steep terrain and mountain weather, hikers in the Caucasus should be prepared for difficult route-finding and challenging trail conditions, the possibility of washed-out bridges and dangerous river crossings in high water, aggressive dogs guarding sheep and cattle, giant hogweed, and frequent summer thunderstorms with extremely intensive periods of lightning. Access to emergency medical care and search and rescue is not always available. Be prepared.  

Upper Svaneti

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