Meet the Team: Rima Beridze

Grants Manager, TCT Georgia


Rima Beridze

Raised in Batumi, Georgia, Rima joined the TCT in October 2022 as our Grants Manager. She also works with American Councils for International Education in Georgia and her own NGO, Step Toward Success, which supports Georgian youth in non-formal education, environmental awareness, and career development. 

When she’s not working, Rima enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband—who she met when he found her on Facebook to return her lost wallet—and daughter, Lile—whose name means sun in the Svan language. She also enjoys traveling, exploring unique new places, and learning Turkish and Georgian traditional dance. 

In Rima’s Words:

Why did you want to work for the TCT?

Nature, mountains, hiking, and camping have always been my passion. I’ve always felt close to the environment and have even organized several projects about environmental protection and ecology for youngsters living all around Georgia through promoting non-formal learning. When I first heard about the work the TCT team does for the Caucasus region and found out more about the Caucasus Conservation Corps, it became my dream to connect with the young conservation leaders and have input in this impactful trail-building work which also serves as an environmental education, cultural exchange, and volunteering program.

Being part of the TCT team and making changes to support sustainable nature-based tourism and youth development, while being in the mountains, makes me very proud. I feel that my favorite quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” was somehow accomplished, but I still must do a lot as an individual to see the changes in the world.  

Favorite part/section of the TCT:

I’d say any part of Svaneti since I’m always impressed with this unique region. It always has some hidden treasures to surprise you, starting with the local community and continuing with the breathtaking views. 

Favorite place in the Caucasus: 

I love the Caucasus Mountains, and even though I’m still exploring its rich culture and astonishingly diverse landscapes, I can honestly say that Adjara, particularly Upper Adjara, is and has always been my favorite place—not just because I consider myself an Adjareli, but also because I’m amazed by the purity, simplicity, and uniqueness of this region.

Memorable moment:

The most memorable highlight was the TCT Trail Summit organized by the TCTA in Georgia in October 2023, where all the teams from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan gathered in Tbilisi. This was an exciting opportunity to meet all the great young leaders in person in our newly rented office, share our success, and talk about our challenges, perspectives, and plans.

What is most special to you about the TCT?

“Building bonds beyond borders” is something unique that the TCT does to connect outdoor enthusiasts from the Caucasus region while building a world-class hiking trail. I love being part of this amazing team and creating bonds with people from our neighboring countries who have similar missions and interests. 

Why should people hike and/or get involved with the TCT?

Hiking is not only a great way to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also an opportunity to find spiritual comfort and has a huge impact on people’s mental health. I read in a famous hiker’s blog that hiking offers a sense of competition without competing with anyone else, only yourself. It’s a great way to find yourself and your capabilities. On the TCT, it’s very easy to find people with common interests and become part of exciting adventures and diversity.