Be Considerate of Locals and Other Visitors


Cultural exchange is a core part of the Transcaucasian Trail. This international exchange enriches the trail experience but also necessitates an extra layer of mindfulness and respect for diverse cultures and expectations.



  • Respect locals and other visitors, and recognize that you’re a guest in someone’s home.
    • Take the time to ask questions and learn about the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of the Caucasus – it makes the trail experience so much more interesting! 
    • Always ask for permission before taking photos of locals, their homes, or their property. Respect their decision if they decline.
    • From traditional greetings to a specific etiquette around shared spaces, being aware of and respecting local customs enhances the trail experience for everyone.
    • You’ll encounter many languages along the TCT, but basic phrases, gestures, and a smile can bridge many communication gaps.
Valeri and Maro Vibliani at their home in Kichkhuldashi
Valeri and Maro Vibliani at their home in Kichkhuldashi, Georgia. Photo by Bryce Reif.
  • Yield to other users on the trail. Generally, hikers going uphill have the right of way. If you’re descending and come across someone climbing, step aside and let them pass.
  • Let nature’s sounds prevail and help protect the quietness that others might seek. Avoid loud voices, noises, and music.


Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to: 

  • Cultural insensitivity. Disregarding the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of the Caucasus can result in unintentional disrespectful behavior, which can be insulting to our local hosts. Additionally, actions like taking photos without permission can lead to a sense of locals’ being treated like objects rather than people—we never want anyone feeling like that!
  • Negative perception of hikers. A lack of respect for locals can cause them to feel uncomfortable and create a negative perception of hikers. This can make it harder for future travelers to be welcomed in the region.
  • Disturbance of others: Noise and music can disturb other hikers and be detrimental to their experience.