Stage 5: Takhta to Dilijan Centre

Part of the Transcaucasian Trail route through Dilijan National Park, Armenia.

Distance: 3.2km
Difficulty: Easy
Status: Open & Marked

Trail description

Starting from the trailhead information boards on your left, follow the road down into the residential area. After 300m you’ll find a kiosk selling ice-cream on your right. After buying and eating an ice-cream, take the next left and walk 500m W along a straight residential road between houses.

Turn left at the first crossroads and follow the road up through gardens and orchards, bearing right at the fork after 230m, and continuing another 350m to a picnic site overlooking Dilijan. On the right you’ll find a footpath descending the hillside, which will cross a stream after 100m before bringing you to a clearing. Cross the clearing and enter the pine forest midway along its edge.

Although a single route has been marked through the pine forest, you’ll find a whole network of paths in this area. By keeping to a generally NW direction and going downhill on the most well-used paths, you will eventually reach Dilijan!

From the W corner of the pine forest, a trail descends towards the town centre. A route has been marked on a mixture of paths and old dirt roads; as long as you continue to descend, you should eventually find yourself on a flat, residential road passing between small houses and gardens.

Pass through the gate and continue straight, following two flights of wooden steps down and eventually emerging onto Myasnikyan Street besides a crumbling historical building.

Turning right here will take you to the commercial centre of Dilijan; crossing the road and turning left will take you past several of Dilijan’s more tourist-friendly establishments before eventually bringing you to the de facto centre of the town at the bottom of the valley, with multiple main roads leading out of town in the directions of Lake Sevan, Vanadzor and Ijevan.

Congratulations: you’re almost halfway through the trek – why not celebrate with a coffee or tea at Cafe #2, or a mushroom pizza from Kchuch?

TCT Dilijan National Park

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