Stage 2: Gosh Lake to Goshavank

Part of the Transcaucasian Trail route through Dilijan National Park, Armenia.

Distance: 4.2km
Difficulty: Easy
Status: Open & Marked

Trail description

The trail continues from the NW corner of the lake towards Gosh. Follow the waymarkings carefully, being aware that the tangle of dirt roads near the lake can make this area confusing. After 600m of trail, turn right onto a short 60m section of dirt road, then turn left off the road down the marked trail. You’ll follow a small stream, make a small crossing, then continue through open woodland on restored footpaths.

750m after leaving the road, you’ll reach the edge of the forest, and follow faded dirt roads for 500m up the hillside and across hay fields, where you’ll meet another dirt road at a T-junction. Directly to your right, you’ll see a collection of khachkars beneath a tree, to which locals will have tied a flurry of handkerchiefs – a pre-Christian religious tradition that survives to this day.

From the sacred tree, proceed left and SW along the dirt road. Following this road through cluster of woodland and hayfields will take you on a gentle 1.8km loop around the valley above Gosh before descending into the village itself.

While the famous monastery of Goshavank is the main tourist attraction here, you’ll also pass two smaller monuments on your way there. At the first concrete-paved hairpin bend to the right, look for the staircase on your left, which will take you to the Mausoleon of Mkhitar Gosh, while directly ahead of you on the bend in the road is the chapel of St. Sargis.


Hotel Mkhitar Gosh is located in the village centre, with 10 rooms available.


Camping is allowed informally on the small grassy terrace directly below the E side of the monastery complex. Please ask monastery staff for permission before pitching a tent here.


A selection of small cafes surround the village centre. Hotel Mkhitar Gosh has a snack bar outside and somewhat limited restaurant service inside. These facilities may not be fully functioning outside of peak tourist season (roughly June to September).

TCT Dilijan National Park

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