Day 5: Gosh to Khachardzan

Distance: 8.1km
Elevation: +441m / -651m
Status: Unmarked

Stage description

From Gosh village square, walk E on the main paved road out of the village for 300m, then turn right onto a small unpaved residential road, signposted ‘Gosh Lake’ (40.729980°N 45.000083°E). Follow this road across a small stream ford, then sharply up onto a rocky dirt road along the hillside.

Continue straight for 750m, over another stream crossing, then sharply uphill and SE (40.726409°N 45.006735°E). There are multiple dirt roads here used by local 4×4 drivers. Follow the marked path alongside them for 1.5km to reach the clear and swimmable Gosh Lake (40.718614°N 45.016447°E). You’ll find barbecue and picnic facilities, and likely plenty of locals making use of them.

The area around the lake also offers several opportunities to camp. Please ensure that you carry out your trash, as trash collection is sporadic and unreliable.

Follow the trail around the N side of the lake for 400m, to where a dirt road continues uphill through the forest to the E(40.720884°N 45.016347°E). Follow this for 800m to the shoulder of the hill, where you’ll find a 3-way junction of dirt roads (40.718760°N 45.024022°E).

Turn left and follow the dirt road downhill for 3km to reach the village of Khachardzan (40.716251°N 45.051098°E), which represents the end of this self-contained section of the Transcaucasian Trail. A 1.5km walk through the village will bring you to the main road, from where public transport back to the main urban centres of Dilijan and Ijevan can be found.

Route Map & Elevation Profile