Day 4: Dilijan to Gosh

Distance: 18.4km
Elevation: +739m / -747m
Status: Unmarked

Stage description

From Dilijan centre, follow Myasnikyan Street up S and then E, past the Geological Museum on your right, past City Hall on your left. Turn right on Ordzhonikidze Street (40.743472°N 44.872600°E), following the old cobbled street up first NE and then bearing E, passing through some of the older residential parts of Dilijan. At the junction at the end of the road, take the second of the two roads to your left, following it for 300m to the T-junction, then turning right to bear S. After a few hundred more metres the road will turn to dirt and bear E out of the city and up the forested mountainside.

Continue following the main track for 1km, then turn left to bear N on another dirt road (40.742091°N 44.897715°E) across open meadows. After 500m you’ll find the site of a pagan shrine, as well as a picnic area and a compost toilet.

From the 4-way junction near the shrine, take the SE dirt road for 200m, cross the stream, and continue following the trail on a NE bearing through woodlands and fields. Do not deviate from the main dirt road. Bear left at the junction after 1.4km (40.746928°N 44.911768°E); you’ll shortly notice a small wetland area to your right, after which bear E at a second dirt road junction. Continue following the track for another 1.2km, then bear E off the dirt track and along a marked singletrack trail (40.752079°N 44.924402°E) through lush, undisturbed forest.

After 1km, join the road (40.753696°N 44.934031°E) and bear right, following the road E for 2.7km to reach Parz Lich (Clear Lake) (40.753084°N 44.961607°E). While Parz Lich is a relatively popular destination, the developments are pleasant and well-managed – you’ll find a traditional Caucasian restaurant here, as well as a zipline, boat hire, transport opportunities back to Dilijan, and the possibility to camp overnight if you wish.

From the far side of the touristic area, next to the washrooms, you’ll find the trailhead (40.749912°N 44.961018°E) from which to continue hiking to Gosh village. This well-marked and popular trail plunges deep into the forests of Dilijan National Park. After 500m, a short detour off the trail into the unremarkable-looking hazel grove to the right (40.747718°N 44.959480°E) will reveal an ancient circle of khachkars (cross-stones) – the remains of what was probably a site of religious significance.

After 2.5km of gradual climbing, you’ll emerge from the forest onto open meadows with spectacular views across the valley to the N and towards the ridgeline to the S. Close to the forest entrance you’ll find another picnic shelter, with a compost toilet hidden behind a tree just downhill of the shelter.

Continuing up and over the shoulder of the hill, you’ll find a junction with dirt roads leading in many directions (40.742364°N 44.983210°E). Continue on the track you’ll see ahead and slightly to the right on a SE bearing. If you wish to camp early, there is plenty of suitable flat land here to accommodate a tent.

Continue downhill for 2.4km to reach the village of Gosh, which features a hotel, restaurant, transport options back to Dilijan or Ijevan, and the famous Goshavank Monastery. For those wishing to camp, Gosh Lake (another 5.6km of hiking) is a well-known spot with good wild swimming opportunities.

Route Map & Elevation Profile